The Iron Boot Scrapers truly learnt their trade on the street. They started busking in 2011 and, due to their no-holds-bar performances, which involved accosting members of the audience and whipping the crowds into a frenzy, they found they were offered many ‘indoor’ bookings at festivals , weddings and corporate. They have since toured in Portugal, Istanbul, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, France and Holland.

In 2014 they brought out their own ‘originals’ album ‘Costermonger’ which has been successfully embraced by the worldwide ‘Steampunk’ fraternity as a true album to visualise the crossing of Victorian/Edwardian instrumentation with 21st Century rock attitude.

They can perform as a 3, 4 or 5 piece ensemble; the base being sousaphone, banjo and drums (with 2 part vocal harmonies). The quartet will add a lead instrument, such as brass, accordion or guitar (3 part harmonies); and quintet another lead instrument.

When playing covers at functions they rip apart the modern textures of popular rock/pop/dance tunes and put them back together with the Iron Boot Scraper flavour. Their repertoire is constantly being thought over and updated to, from the word ‘go’, get that dance floor jumpin’. All the while interacting with the crowd with their unique sense of humour and badinage.


Chris Bearman – sousaphone/tuba

Ian Harris – Lead vocals/banjo/musical saw/mandolin/ukulele

Marc Hepburn – backing vocals/drums/piano/keys/accordion

Charlie Cole – violin (electronic and acoustic)


2015 – Costermonger

Company Details

Poles Apart Stilts Co Ltd
Band has full Public Liability and PAT certs

The Iron Boot Scrapers at Lympne Castle
waving arm banjo ground

sceance image from video Costermonger

Taking to the streets

About to crowd surf

Here’s our set list, mix and mingle, all played on the wrong instruments!


Just a Gigolo (Louis Prima), Now or never (Elvis Presley), My Girl (The Temptations), Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison).


Pop Tunes

Laura (Scissor Sisters), Mr Blue Sky (ELO), I’m a believer (The Monkees), I want you back (Jacson 5), Shine (Take that), Hey Ya (Outcast), Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Umbrella (Rihanna), Don’t you want me baby (Human League), Word Up (Cameo), Happy (Pharrell Williams), I’m sexy and I know it (LMFAO), Everybody-Backstreet’s back (Backstreet boys), Reach (S Club 7), Kiss (Prince), I’ll be there for you/Friends theme (Rembrandts).


I saw her standing there, Twist and shout, Money, I feel fine.


Lithium (Nirvana), Enter Sandman (Metallica), Plug in Baby (Muse), Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon), Gay Bar (Electric Six), Miserlou (Dick Dale), No one knows (Queens of the Stone Age), Hate to say I told you so (The Hives), Song 2 (Blur), Pretty fly for a white guy (Offspring), Bohemian like you (Dandy Warhols), Chelsea Dagger (Frattelis), Friday I fall in love (The Cure), My Sharona (The Knack).

Rock ‘n’ Roll

All shook up (Elvis Presley), A little less conversation (Elvis Presley)


The Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang) 


Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen), 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton)


Fight for the right to party (Beastie Boys),


Cars (Gary Numan), Acceptable in the eighties (Calvin Harris)


4 to 5 Vocal Mics.
Guitar amp miked up.
1 mic for brass (trumpet/trombone)
full drum kit miked up
Sousaphone DM57 mic (sousaphone has mic attachment on bell of instrument.


as above but add additional vocal mic and XLR input.

“Great, marvelous, brilliant!” – K T Tunstall

“Love that musical saw” – Tom Chaplin (lead vocalist, Keane, after played musical saw on album)

“Great Elvis!” – Harry Enfield

“Just to let you know that I had a debrief with the client, last week, and you were mentioned as the major highlight of the day, so thanks again for all your hard work, and I look forward to working with you again soon.” – MotivAction

“Thanks for last night, great feedback.” – Archie Archer, Contraband Events

“Thanks…, you went down a storm.” – Lara Featherstone, Brighton Council

“We want to let you know, that Overijssel op Straat was a great success because of your performance.” – KUNSTen op straat. Carlijn Assink

“Hi Ian, Sunday’s event was a great success and the client was extremely happy. Thank you for your involvement.. and we look forward to working with you in the near future.” – Kelly Larkin, Corporate Occasions.

“A great product, and we’d like to book you again.” – Leventozdemir (Istanbul booker)

The Iron Boot Scrapers Cancellation Policy

2 months – 20% total fee
1 month – 40% total fee
2 weeks – 60% total fee
48 hours – 90% total fee

Presenter / Client Responsibilities

The Presenter is responsible for a clean and functional performance area. The Presenter will provide secure storage room facilities or green room area or space for band to set up beginning with the artist’s arrival and ending with their departure (if required).
RIDER// The Presenter agrees to organize (at least) water during the the playing event, WARM food (1xvegan + rest carnivores) if playing crosses mealtimes and at least 2 drinks per performer of their choice, or a selection of ale, lager and whiskey for evening events. Snacks must be provided for late night events.
Where necessary and agreed to beforehand, The Presenter will provide accommodation, which must be of an acceptable standard of cleanliness, comfort and safety. Failure to provide suitable accommodation will result the Presenter needing to provide an alternative.
If a PA system is provided by The Presenter, all equipment must be of professional quality.  Failure to provide equipment of sufficient quality or if problems arise with the equipement, the artist may cut their set short or require the equipment to be replaced.
Public events – all promotional material for the event (online or physical) must contain mention of The Iron Boot Scrapers, links to the website or Facebook and where possible include a photo from our promo pack.

Cancellation, Illness, Personnel Changes

In the event of cancellation of the performance(s) on the side of the Presenter, because of reasons within the jurisdiction of the Presenter, the Presenter shall pay the entire fee as agreed.
Additionally, in the event of a frustrated contract invoked by the Presenter beyond their control i.e. Act of God or Force Majeure, the Presenter shall pay the entire fee as agreed.
In the event of Artist illness or being unable to attend the event for another reason, the Artist must inform the Presenter immediately of their inability to perform. The artist may offer another professional-quality artist of the same calibre as a substitute, or replace any number of personnel in the band as necessary to fulfil the contract. Full band change requires the Presenter’s agreement, but personnel changes within the band do not. Necessary changes in the personnel of the artist do not affect the fee as agreed.