An Edwardian Rock band transported to the 21st Century, The Iron Boot Scrapers meld the Music Hall of the 1930's to the Rock of today. Using Edwardian period instruments, they foray out into the musical establishment to create their own,and unique sound.

The Iron Boot Scrapers Bio

The Iron Boot Scrapers truly learnt their trade on the street. They started busking in 2011 and, due to their no-holds-bar performances, which involved accosting members of the audience and whipping the crowds into a frenzy, they found they were offered many ‘indoor’ bookings at festivals , weddings and corporate events.

They have since toured in Portugal, Istanbul, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, France and Holland.

In 2014 they brought out their own ‘originals’ album ‘Costermonger’ which has been successfully embraced by the worldwide ‘Steampunk’ fraternity as a true album to visualise the crossing of Victorian/Edwardian instrumentation with 21st Century rock attitude.

They can perform as a 3, 4 or 5 piece ensemble; the base being sousaphone, banjo and drums (with 2 part vocal harmonies). The quartet will add a lead instrument, such as brass, accordion or guitar (3 part harmonies); and quintet another lead instrument.

When playing covers at functions they rip apart the modern textures of popular rock/pop/dance tunes and put them back together with the Iron Boot Scraper flavour. Their repertoire is constantly being thought over and updated to, from the word ‘go’, get that dance floor jumpin’. All the while interacting with the crowd with their unique sense of humour and badinage.


Chris Bearman – sousaphone/tuba

Ian Harris – Lead vocals/banjo/musical saw/mandolin/ukulele

Marc Hepburn – backing vocals/drums/piano/keys/accordion

Hanno Rigger – trumpet/trombone


2015 – Costermonger

Company Details

Poles Apart Stilts Co Ltd

Band has full Public Liability and PAT certs