A live dance band at a wedding is the thing that will make or break a wedding, and it is essential to have the right band for your guests to achieve maximum dancing wildness. The Iron Boot Scrapers will endeavour to create the atmosphere of a musical riot. We don't just hang about on the stage performing our uplifting renditions of pop/rock/dance tunes, but will invade the audience and perform and interact up-close with your guests, as you can see in the video.

We play about 60 + weddings a year, and get our bookings mainly by word of mouth, which is the ultimate judge of a wedding band. Also, we're the band that many venues will put forward first as a 'preferred service provider' for many venues''.

We use the instruments of yesterday (sousaphone, banjo, trumpet, drums) to create our unique covers of modern and classic tunes, from pop to heavy metal, dance to rap.


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